There are different accommodation possibilities at Limone Cup, all located at the Lake Garda. The main accommodation is The Garda Village, a holiday center located at the Southern part of Lake Garda, near the beautiful city Sirmione. Another accommodation possibility is Parco del Garda/Marco Polo located on the Eastern part of Lake Garda. It is possible to be accommodated on hotel as well, contact us for more information.

The Garda Village holiday center

The Garda Village holiday is a holiday center located next to the beautiful city Sirmione in the Southern part of Lake Garda. There are two accommodation types at The Garda Village, mobile homes and bungalows. Players will be accommodated 3-6 persons in mobile homes and 3-4 persons in bungalows. Leaders and family will be accommodated 2-4 persons in each unit. It is at The Garda Village there will be competitions during the week and discotheque on Wednesday.

Parco del Garda/Marco Polo

Parco del Garda and Marco Polo is located in Garda at the Eastern part of the Lake Garda. Parco del Garda/Marco Polo is a combined hotel and holiday center. There will be accommodated in bungalows on Parco del Garda and rooms at Marco Polo. Players will be accommodated 6-7 players per bungalow and leaders and family will be accommodated 2-4 persons per bungalow. Players will be accommodated 3-4 persons per room on the hotel, and leaders and family will be accommodated in 2-3 bedrooms. If you choose Parco del Garda/Marco Polo for you accommodation you should be aware, that the transportation to the fields will be longer then from The Garda Village.