Gardaland is Italy’s biggest amusement park and one of the biggest in Europa as well. Gardaland is located approximately 15 km from The Garda Village, and it is possible to visit the park on Sunday. The park covers an area of 445.000 m2 and have a lot of attractions for both small and big visitors. You can read more about Gardaland here:

International top football

It is possible to watch international top football at some of the biggest clubs in Europe during Limone Cup. In August we will know the tournament schedules for Serie A, Europa League and Champions League, and we will know which games are possible to combine with Limone Cup. In the past editions of Limone Cup we have visited the stadiums of Italian giants like Inter FC, AC Milan, Juventus, Chievo, Hellas Verona and the Italian national team. Serie A will be played on Sunday and Monday, Champions League on Tuesday and Wednesday and Europa League on Thursday.

Stadium tour at San Siro

It is possible to get to experience the mighty and famous San Siro Stadium during your stay in Italy. We will arrange your stadium tour during your stay, and you will experience the stadium of the Italian giants Inter FC and AC Milan. You will get to experience the changing rooms, see the trophy’s, sit on the bench next to the field, and much more. With a capacity of 80.000 spectators, this is one of the biggest stadiums in Europe to experience!

Italian friendly game

If you are interested, we arrange friendly games against local Italian teams during your stay in Italy. You will play the friendly games at the local clubs, and it is a great way to experience the Italian football culture. Clubs who have played friendly games in the past years have great memories from the games, and it is always a great experience for both players and leaders.

Local markets

During Limone Cup there are local markets every day at different villages around The Garda Village. On the market it is possible to buy a lot of different goods like clothes, grocery’s, ceramic and much more.


There are different shopping possibilities during Limone Cup. The famous Franciacorta Outlet is located between Bergamo and Brescia in the city Rodengo Saiano, about 50 kilometers from The Garda Village. At Franciacorta Outlet you will find high-end designer’s collections at outlet prices with discounts up to 70%.

The historic city of Verona is located 40 kilometers from The Garda Village and is definitely worth a visit. There are approximately 260.000 inhabitants in the city of Verona, which is also the capital of the province of the same name. Verona is famous for its beautiful streets, the river Adige, which runs through the city, good shopping opportunities and the city’s two football teams Chievo and Hellas Verona. In addition, it can be said that the action in William Shakespeare’s Romeo & Julie takes place in Verona. In the city you can see the monument to Romeo & Julie which is a beautiful 5-story house, where you can see the corresponding yard, the famous balcony and a pretty statue of Julie.

It is possible to come to Venice on an one-day trip. Here you can experience the canals, St. Mark’s Square, the gondolas, etc. You should be aware that there are some costs associated with transportation and parking near Venice. Contact us for further information.

More options


It is possible to arrange a bowling tournament for your team at the local Bowling alley, around 30 minutes’ drive from The Garda Village. Contact us for prices, options, etc.

Wine tasting:

Together with France, Italy is one of the most important wine producers in the world. It is possible to arrange a wine tasting with some of the local wine producers for the leaders and parents of your group. Contact us for prices, options, etc.

Boat trip:

It is possible to have a boat trip on the beautiful Lake Garda. The boat trip starts at Sirmione, which is just next to The Garda Village. At Sirmione it is possible to shop and eat as well. Contact us for prices, options, etc.

There is a numerous of possibilities for team activities, cultural experiences, etc. during Limone Cup. We have chosen some of the possibilities, but if you have some wishes or suggestions, we will do what we can to fulfill them.