Activities during Limone Cup

There will be a lot of activities going in during Limone Cup week, and you can read more about why you should choose Limone Cup here.

1. Limone Cup is a well-organized tournament played on beautiful venues.
2. A big opening ceremony will be held with welcome, competitions, awards and much more.
3. During Limone Cup it is possible to visit Gardaland, watch international top-football, play Italian friendly games, go shopping and much more.
4. A professionel tv-team will produce features, tv-spots, pictures etc. which is being uploaded at the tournament website and Facebook channel.
5. A selfiebox for fun and memorable pictures will be set up on The Garda Village.
6. During the week there will be held competitions with speedometer, drible track and juggling and each day there will be great prizes for the winners.
7. Limone Cup Disco (Alcohol free) is held on Wednesday after the Limone Cup finals.
8. There are medals for all participants and beautiful trophies for the teams in the finals.
9. There are prizes for MoM for the teams in the finals.
10. Limone Cup employees are present during the entire tournament.

Questions and presentation

If you have questions regarding Limone Cup or information’s you need, don’t hesitate to contact us by e-mail on or by phone on +45 98 26 83 69.

We look forward to take care of your request.